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Healthy INDIAN Vegetarian Meal Plan (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)



  1. i always enjoy all your video and very useful for me ur way guiding so good thanking u for giving all ur videos

  2. plz plz plz make more videos on Indian diet thnk uuhhh… ???

  3. put all the spices in end not in start when u need to cook onion… in oil u can only add zeera[cumin seeds],mustard seeds,curry leaves,ginger r garlic…. all powdered spices r not meant to be added at tht stage… that ll burn them n ruin the flavours too…

  4. where from you,,,,you are so nice and slim…..thanks

  5. quick tip. my mom told me to always add spices after all the ingredients are in to avoid burning them. it's always oil, any kind of seeds if you're using them (i.e. mustard seeds, cumin seeds etc..) then the ingredients and then ground spices

  6. OMG…you're amazing nd I'm frm India…nd totally love this vdo..
    you gave cmplt judgement of indian food…Love Frm India?????

  7. hey Joanna , i was waiting for so long for your video specifically on indian foods.. loads of thanks.. lookinh forward for more of such videos.

  8. thanks for making a video on Indian meal plan.waiting for this video for a long time

  9. love the way u explain?

  10. Happy Diwali!!!

  11. really great way to cook healthy Indian food…..

  12. Aaah, this all sounds SUPER GREAT! Thank you Joanna!

  13. pliz share a pakistani meal plan 1360 calories plizzz

  14. its so good to c u cooking indian food..i loved the way u pronounced their names.its just so perfect..love ya ?

  15. I think your lentils are still under cooked, they need to break down completely and become a paste. You could definitely eat it the way you are eating but I think your stomach will hurt ( I am sure mine will), as it becomes more difficult to digest.

  16. thanks :)

  17. Everything was great.. just that you could have first fried onions added spices later.. you see spices brun and can give Brunt taste to your curry

  18. Much needed! Thank you so much for this!!

  19. you are just so amazing at what you do, I just love ALL your videos. I really need to try and make some of these!

  20. love the way u explain it

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