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Healthy Dinner Alternatives for Getting Fit and/or Weight Loss | Eat This Instead of This



  1. These dinner options are great. Can you pls show more vegan options?

  2. How is turkey healthier than beef? Is there less fat?

  3. Love this video!! Love how you did "eat this instead of this."

  4. *minimum. Lol

  5. Thanks for the lettuce wrapped taco idea! I'm keeping carbs down to a low liniment & this was excellent!

  6. Hi Jen ? I really loved this video. It made me feel like I didn't have to make a completely different meal to meet my low carb, beef free or meatless preferences. You are a constant positive influence in my life. ?

  7. These tips are helping me cook healthier for my husband and 89 yr old dad who lives with us! Thanks so much! I love all your videos by the way and I'm so glad God has you doing this to encourage me and so many others! Both of my grown daughters are watching you too!! ?

  8. I added this to my favorites

  9. Love, Love, Love the healthy alternative video. Hope that you make some more like this in the future. You are very sweet to take the time to do this. Do you always eat low-carb and low-sugar? Whatever you are doing is working!

  10. SimplyOrganized Meg

    This was fantastic! What a great idea! Would LOVE to see more of these in the future :)

  11. Oh, so YES, film more if you're willing. PS made the Asian Wraps-Yum!

  12. Long story short: This is exactly what I've been praying for! THANKS!!!

  13. more video enjoy all you recipes they look healhy and easy to make

  14. Loved this it gave me some great ideas for some healthier meal options

  15. What do you cut the potatoes with for fries?

  16. great ideas for sure

  17. Fantastic video, Jen!!! I would love to see more of these. Any tips for getting picky kids (and hubbies, lol) to eat these healthier alternatives? I hate wasting food or having to eat all the leftovers when I try something different/healthier than they're used to. I try to do stuff gradually, but it's frustrating putting so much effort in something that gets a less than enthusiastic reception. Thank you!!! :)

  18. Great ideas!!!

  19. Yes, more videos please. ? I did the taco salad this week and loved it! Can't wait to try your black bean burger!

  20. Hi jen,i've been watching your videos for a week now and I'm telling you that you've inspired me to start putting my life together…..i lost interest in myself,i gave up my happiness and my life basically since i had my daughter back in 2014 (i'm not saying it's because of her but it's a little bit complicated)
    I've already cleaned the kitchen entirely and the the bathroom as well
    My next step is to focus on my diet
    I'm looking forward to do it and follow your plan
    I'm so happy at the moment
    I can't thank you enough jen ??god bless you and your family

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