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Healthy Chocolate Mousse Dessert (Weight Loss Recipe)



  1. hair- n-nailtastic

    can i use butter instead of tofu?????

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  3. Thanks for this amazing tofu dessert recipe !!!!i'm a chinese too and often think how to cook tofu in addition to miso soup and mapo tofu:-P

  4. +Joanna soh can I use butter or milk instead of tofu??

  5. I love your take on a chocolate mousse!

  6. Thanks :)

  7. But I was wondering… Why didn't u use the extra lite silken tofu instead of firm silken tofu? Just curious. Will the result be the same? Btw I used the exact same silken tofu as u lol, same box and company haha

  8. I made this!!!!! I made the vegan version with cocoa powder and almond milk. It was amazing!!!! For all those who're gonna try it- make sure u blend the ingredients properly, and prevent lumps. And add sugar or any other sweetener in moderation. It tastes just like store bought. But a healthier version 😀 (also can be made vegan)

  9. hi joanna! 🙂 can i use regular white tofu? i cant find any silken tofu at here. please reply

  10. Can i use cocoa powder instead? Because im diabetic. And please my daughter cannot eat chocolate what another alternative please?? 

  11. Amrita Kaur Dhillon

    Joanna I love you! I have been your watching your videos recently and I'm hooked! U give such useful advice I love you, you have helped me by sooooo much in my new lifestyle change. Love ya and keep making more videos and helping people ❤️

  12. this was so quick, easy and looks yum :D

  13. Irena Gladkova Cvetkovska

    There's no place I can buy silken tofu in my country (even regular tofu is hard to find and it is extremely expensive), so is there a substitute for it?

  14. What kind of blender is that? Where did you get it? It looks like it does a nice job :)

  15. can I freeze it to make it into an ice cream or popsicle?

  16. I dont like tofu in general..does the tofu have a strong flavor in the recipe? 

  17. can we eat this everyday when trying to lose weight? I am having trouble with my sweet tooth

  18. Hi, how many carbs are in it?

  19. Any asian supermarkets or even some major supermarkets. =)

  20. Where can you buy tofu from? X

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