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Healthy Asian Meal Plan to Lose Weight (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)



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  3. Yeah there no way Chinese people gonna eat plain beef or chicken like white people

  4. Congee is great. I eat it in winter alot. It's so filling and fulfilling! Great when you're sick too, or after throwing up (you might want to leave the fish out though if that's the case). I sometimes have congee days where I just make congee in my rice cooker and eat it throughout the day.

  5. so many beautiful .

  6. u have the best no- nonsense health channel
    lots of lov e from Pakistan

  7. where i van buy soba noodles?

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  10. Great video! Subscribed in an instant! Can't wait to watch your other vieos

  11. Joanna is really nice, thanks for useful video

  12. Wonder Queen (陳真善美)

    Who watch this in 2016???

  13. great video but I think you may tried a bit too hard for that accent

  14. you are so hot!

  15. EXCELLENT !!!!!!!!

  16. yes

  17. I'm enjoying your Asian healthy recipes. I usually find only American healthy meal recipes.

  18. I'm 48 I workout 3 days in a week and fast two days
    what do you recent me for eating pattern

  19. I'm asian but I don't eat that much carbs

  20. All oh these dishes look yummy however!!

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