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  1. Omg I absolutely love these videos?

  2. While I love your tips for budget friendly meals. Canned veggies are really high in salt. However, these recipes are better than frozen pizzas and tv dinners everyday!

  3. there's a lot of things you're doing wrong and not healthy at all!

  4. Luv ideas for meal prep !! ???Thank you for doing this Jordyn !! ????

  5. I'm so hooked! Love your videos! I'm a mom on a tight budget and recently hopped on the healthy journey. You make it look so effortless. Thank you, Much love from Toronto Canada…

  6. Ummmm yesssss……I would loveeeeee this lunch box girl!!!! <3

  7. xena was probably eating bears on rottiserie

  8. Great video. wow.Thats a lot of food. i tried meal prep before but with less food and different foods every day and end up gaining weight instead. Am i doing something wrong? im basically starting my diet over,eating less, switch to spiralized veggies instead of pasta and really hope to get results this time around. Any tips you can give me please

  9. I'm sorry but a half cup of shell pasta, some green beans, teriyaki sauce, and some kidney beans is NOT a meal. I'm kind of nauseated by the thought. It's not cohesive, it doesn't make sense with the flavors together, and eating that five nights in a row sounds like torture. I would do this definitely, but I understand flavor.

  10. do you freeze the container once you prep the food or do you keep them in the fridge? would they spoil if you keep them in the fridge that long?

  11. you must stay in the IE

  12. Nice food prep video.

  13. Lisa Ann?

  14. such a great and helpful video! glad I watched it ☺

  15. those nails are too long to be handling food. so skeevy to think about the fecal matter and dried boogers right under the nail where she's touching the food.

  16. It's all processed…

  17. Can this meal plan be for men too?

  18. OMG i would love that bag… that would help so much!!!!! amazing channel

    thank you

  19. <3 I am subscribing. I do meal prep, but I often end up running into issues with storage. So my meat, veg and carbs are all separate in different bags. >.<

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