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Flat Belly Diet Drink | Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week | No Diet – No Exercise



  1. I hav a fatter face. 1 nd half yr since my delivery , i hav reduced my body weight ( a bit ) i still trouble with face and stomach. My face tend to loose fat slower .I knw dis may sound stupid but i heard dis drink can help in ur whole body weight loss too, can dis detox helps in reducing my face fat too…?..btw thnks a lot for dis recp?

  2. Should we eat the cucumber slices,lemon slices too?
    Please let me know
    Thanku ?
    I'll try this

  3. Can we add cinnamon powder

  4. Can any1 tell me smthng.. Ye jo overnight ke liye cucumber and all… Pani me rkhna hai.. Do we have to change it everyday.. Ya fr once kept overnight just we have to drink the stored water.. Plz clear my doubt immediately.. ?

  5. Do v hav to complete dat 1 jug everyday which means v hav to make 7 jugs of dat remedy for a week…correct me if m wrong

  6. Cristian Gabriel Groman

    ?? Wonderful! ?? Best regards from London!

  7. I will try

  8. thank you for flat belly diet drink lemon and mint cucumber also ginger -oct 16, 2017 thanks

  9. i used it ,1glass in morning 1gls in evening before meals but ,i suffer to etching and i feeling heat in body. i want to know where i am doing mistack ,if u can please correct me and suggest , and i hv seen it really work thank u

  10. I lost 10kg in one month.. it's was 80kg now it's 70kg.. it's really work.. more 5kg I need to reduce
    Thank you so much

  11. i have been drinking this mixture for last two weeks and results are really shocking…it really works. in last two weeks i loose about 4 KGS…great…

  12. how many times must I replace the water and the ingredients as a whole.

  13. great channel

  14. Can u plss tell me … men can use this ????

  15. Nice video can you tell m what's the name of the song playing in the video ?

  16. elizabeth maldonado

    I been using this and lost weight and a raw diet. Stopped all foods that are fried oil. Happy now.

  17. I don't have any glass vessel…can v make it on steel vessel..
    and what to do left over when v filter the water from it…

  18. Thanks again for your time to share.

  19. To be honest this thing works for me….
    I lose some belly fat

  20. Gr8 video? i want to try this drink but pls tell me is it necessary to keep drink in glass can i store it in plastic & also what i have to do with leftovr cucumber ,lemon etc reply ASAP

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