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Fat Loss Secrets E1 | Lenny and Larry’s Cookies



  1. I found some of lennys and Larry's cookies at my rite aid store and I remember one of your videos mentioned these bought two and on sale 1.79$ always trying to find a bargain it was good just ate half trying to keep my sweet craving in check

  2. I'm eating one whilst watching this. I would actually rather eat these cookies over anything. It's so good!!!

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  4. Love the real talk

  5. Great videos bro. I hope you keep it up! Much love from California

  6. Man I love these cookies and they are a great way to keep on track with nutrition to fight off cravings. Will checking out the link later this I order a few myself.

  7. It's all about doing what is right for your personal situation. I think you nailed it when you said some people need to take things a little slower and some people can come blasting out of the gates

  8. Sweet things like this and BCAA are my go to things to satisfy my cravings :V :P

  9. I have a bowl of ice cream every night! It's my favorite!

  10. Awesome as always bro

  11. Awesome as always bro

  12. if been going hard for a hot minute. today I had myself a blueberry muffin @ 380 cal. I totally had an enjoyable experience. I appreciated it more because it was a treat. I can't wait to use those extra carbs in my workout as fuel. woooofit xo

  13. Awesome advice! Have you tried dem cookies in the toaster yet? ?

  14. Frick i miss your face man!

  15. Down 60 pounds since November. One of the reasons i've been so successful is because I indulge multiple times a week. It's kept me sane and keeps me moving forward. Also, don't feel bad when you indulge. Enjoy it and move on. Great video man.

  16. I will have to try them out. But the trap is, 1 serve is half a cookie and they are 4 to 5 times more expensive in Australia, have no idea why.


  18. SECOND

  19. FIRST

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