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Fat Cutter Drink / Lose 5 Kgs in 5 Days / DIY Weight Loss Drink Remedy – Morning Routine



  1. I have pcod can I drink this? Please reply! :)

  2. I have lost 2kg in 2 days, awesome. I am following keto diet along with this. Let you guys know the daily progress.

  3. Kameswari Hampapuram

    does it have to be on empty stomach or can be taken any time of the day?

  4. I am a student living in room. I can't find fresh coriander near to my room. coriander Kept in shops aren't fresh I guess. Can I try with it? I want to loose 10 kg weight and am planning to start it from tomorrow.

  5. thank sister

  6. i am having verivose veins problem in legs…and most of the time i get swelling…can i have this juice with lemon

  7. Saroay B Producation

    mam ji je drink bnane k liye nimbu,dhaniaa,garm pani hi lena hai bus or isko ek din main kitni var pina hai

  8. so follow this with a fat free diet…will it increase weight drastically if u take oily diet after?

  9. Your mthd is so easy nd nice but can i mix also salt

  10. Whats that yellow cube on 1:08? is it lemon? i don't think so cause she adds lemon afterwards

  11. Nice Iam definitely going to try dis!

  12. for me one doubt aftr drinking thz juice for 5days and aftr wrds v want to take 10days gab uh plz rply mam

  13. I love to make different vegetables juice with energy juice it gives me more boost for work .but my juicer the one I bought it from wallmart is so noisy because of that issue I stop using it 🙁 I love veges.

  14. coriander wash karke lena hai na mam

  15. when to drink diz

  16. So out of all your fat loss teas …which one really works?

  17. its working really thanks.. from heart..

  18. +Versatile Vicky is gap necessary ????

  19. Pls what's the name of a leaf??

  20. Very relaxing voice….

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