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Fat Burning Foods | Green Smoothie Recipe for Weight Loss



  1. I made it today :-)

  2. Fat Loss

  3. is that spinah??

  4. her tities?

  5. video starts at 1:00

  6. can I add a whole lemon

  7. Hey that looks good can't wait to try it!! Hey what's the background song at 1:56?? Sounds good☝?️?☝?️

  8. What blender do you use

  9. Why lol . Make yourself free for homemade milk go with coconut milk . By the way are you vegan or athlete ? What's your purpose from diet ?

  10. people analyze too much. if it's found in nature i eat it

  11. Weight loss – looks like full fat milk!

  12. This is one that I like to drink every morning. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  13. My left ear is in heaven

  14. I LOVE IT

  15. …why the camera is moving

  16. what kind blender is that

  17. switch to whole fruit better than smoothie. save your time and calories. also we recommended homemade nut milks than commercial brands in the grocery stores

  18. yes . but that doesn't give the free ticket to gobble up and eat too much sugars or sweets even if they did come from natural source

  19. true . but that doesn't give you free ticket to gobble up . even if the sugars came from natural source .

  20. Can I use spinach for the last ingredient because I don't have that

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