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Fast Diet Weight Loss Smoothie: Lose 20 lbs in 20 Days



  1. maria carrasquillo

    whey protein?

  2. thank u for the great tips….
    i have a quetion…
    is this diet just drinking smoothie without eating bread or else?
    is that may to do?
    and if we do dieting without eating bread or rice etc, is that iinfluence to my body health?
    plis answer…

  3. what I can use instead of whey powder???

  4. I eat all natural products no milk no eggs no beef no pork and no chicken and I have lost 60 pounds

  5. can we use peanut butter instead of peanut butter powder??

  6. Does whey protein helps to lose weight?

  7. Just started this diet 2 days ago, same as "Petes" days except I use my recumbent bike for 30 minutes a day (approx. 8-9 miles). Usually fasting days are 2 shakes and then salad with lean meat. My question is, because of how my day goes my breakfast is usually at 6am and my dinner ends around 5pm and then I don't eat again, is this ok? Or will it put me in starvation mode?

  8. Hi.. looks great, have you any vids showing what you eat the rest of the day? thanks.

  9. Question, how much cottage cheese and peanut butter powder?

  10. I have been having this for breakfast for about 6 months. Decided to add a couple of handfuls of "Super Greens" to the recipe. Doesn't change the flavor much, but does give it a funky color. Thanks!

  11. How many times a day do we do this

  12. It is true that if you'r tryna lose weight you must avoid banana?

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  14. So basically, you have only one of these shakes and nothing else on the fasting days, right? or, do you suggest we have 3 of these shakes on a fasting day??

  15. whats the measurements??

  16. How does this diet work, exactly? I'm unfamiliar with it? And, what exercise type and intensity, if any, is best suited to it? Thanks.

  17. Can 12 year olds hay whey power?

  18. I will add almond milk. It will tastes better

  19. About losing 20pounds in 20days does it really make you loss 20pounds in 20days by the way after drinking it in launch do I eat regular or do I have to drink it 3 times as my meals?

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