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Energy Bites/Balls – Protein Ladoo For Weight Loss – How To Make Protein Laddu – Healthy Snack Ideas



  1. It's looking really delicious

  2. Janani Purushothaman

    Thanks for a healthy laddu.

  3. I made this energy balls chechiii ….awesome

  4. Can u make a video without swheet ,because I don't like sweet taste ,salt & paprika (hot) is ok. please mam make it soon

  5. Chechi matcha tea nattil evide kittum?……I am in middle east…her it is too costly….

  6. mam macha tea or chia skip kare de tu b affectiv hu ga ya nai becuz yeh 2ono pakistan main nai

  7. You should adopt me nisha ?.i love your vids and I'll definitely try making this.

  8. Nishaji..I here I can't got chia seed.may I skip it..?
    Plz answer

  9. It's really good healthy recipe…question …is cacao powder a must ? And can we add other nuts and dried fruits?..

  10. venkateshwar rao M

    Thanks for sharing such important videos Mam.

  11. I tried this and becoz of dates my mixture bottom broke down. So if anyone is trying be careful with dates ?

  12. Deepa Balasubramanian

    Hi Nisha,
    I have been watching all your recipes and you have been a great help to me. I think your channel is very interesting and anyone looking for weight loss recipes should not miss your recipes as its simple and easy to make.

  13. Can i use peanut butter instead of raw

  14. Hi Nisa ji……I want to know which food processor you are using for this ladoo recipe,plz.

  15. Sanjith Sasidharan

    Love the way you speak!

  16. Just saw your few videos they are amazing.Your tutorials are so perfect and easy to understand.
    Your way of explaining is very good and with the help of your explanation it's is more easy to understand.
    My question is that is there anyway to have one on one conversation with you somehow?

  17. Can you also post videos in hindi ?

  18. Manivel Natarajan

    can v skip matcha powder?? wat ll b d minus if i dont add tht??

  19. This is really osm recipe ..so easy n simple tenku so much nisha ji… But the. Ingredients were used has body heat effects …while taking these laddos what should i eat or drink to reduce heating effect …like peanuts ..almonts n in all nuts including dates make our body temperature hot ..that causes pimple on my face ..tenku for answering in advance

  20. Valliammai Vairavan

    Hey Nisha.. liking all ur receipes.. but can Yu plz tell me how much is the shelf life of these balls?? How much days it can be consumed from the day of making..

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