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Eat This To Lose Weight – Oats Recipe For Weight Loss – Skinny Breakfast Recipes



  1. I tried this recipe yesterday and it was delicious.
    Thank you Ma'am.
    I've been following your channel from the last 1 month and have managed to lose 2kgs. I also did brisk walking.
    Thanks so much Ma'am for all your efforts and hard work ?

  2. Curd and milk should not be taken together. It can result into alot many skin problems

  3. Hello ma'm.. this is very nice and useful video. Could you please advice which oats brand to use or what is rolled oats means.

  4. can i use stevia instead of coconut sugar?

  5. Mam, Can i use Coffee Powder instead of Coco Powder? Is it same?

  6. Can I use honey for the sweetness? Other options are not available here

  7. Hi Ma'am. Thank you for the recipes as always.
    I had a doubt. Could I use almond milk and completely skip the curd?

  8. Jay Kumar Parakh

    Can we use almond milk ?

  9. Shalini Santhosh

    Madam banana are high in calories if we add them can we get the result?

  10. What can we replace the milk with

  11. Hii Nisha…what is gluten free oats?? Is this better than the normal oats?

  12. Can we eat this as dinner?

  13. Hi Nisha mam… Thanks for Ur recipe.. but one doubt.which type of banana is good for weight loss in Kerala? Nendran or robusta? What do u use in this overnight oats??

  14. It luks yum..i m going to try this..i love your chocolate receipes as i love chocolates

  15. That looks like plantain

  16. meghana krishnan

    I tried it. Idk why but it turned out really bad. The curd milk and oats together had a really bad smell. I felt it was way too sour even with the banana.

  17. deepanjana sarkar

    This recipe is too good ☺️

  18. How about adding honey to this recipe? Does honey help in weight loss?

  19. Mam plz reply can we use instant ots instead of rolled ots? plz reply mam plz..

  20. Thara. B. K Gowda

    #ask nisahomey. Hai mam… Oats with fruits and dry fruits does it put on the weight.. Please reply me mam..

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