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Easiest Meal Prep for Weight Loss



  1. so how long did you cook it for

  2. Nice bbw..

  3. wash the damned chicken ewwwwwwww

  4. For how long did you bake the chicken?

  5. Lol nobody with an ounce of common sense washes their chicken. The heat from the oven kills the germs so you won't get sick. You'll just spread germs in the kitchen if you do that. Nobody washes hamburger meat or steak before cooking it. Chicken is no different.

  6. Easy Cooking / Recetas Faciles

    That looks good ?

  7. Freedom In A Budget

    This looks so good! I'm going to get some Mrs. Dash!

  8. Eww, she does not wash her meat

  9. You are such an inspiration:)

  10. she didn't wash the meat. that's disgusting

  11. Breast is the driest piece..use legs or thighs..wash chicken with salt n vinegar or lemon but just wash it as it's a must.

  12. how do you determin that you need 7oz of chicken? I'm new to your channel

  13. wash and clean your chicken…..never just put it in the pan like thatbu can get sick…clean the fat off

  14. you don't wash your meat?

  15. Good video. I always weigh my chicken when its raw though. I thought that it loses some weight while cooking?

  16. Do you put the chicken in the fridge or freezer?

  17. omg,that chicken goes to so many hands and other stuff.(sister work in the meat department ) theres no way I would NOT wash that chicken….you need to clean it with lemon or vinegar…

  18. so is the chicken and peas your lunch or dinner? what's your breakfast, lunch, and dinner like?
    I'm trying to lose weight too

  19. Is it ok to fill up on veg? The portion is so small

  20. Thanks for sharing. I'm definitely going to have to try this recipe.

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