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Dr. V Basics:" How To Make A Tasty, Easy Beginner Green Smoothie"



  1. You are Awesome Dr V! Love how you are straight forward, honest and keep it real!!!

  2. If you add paper towels (or the like) to your spinach (top and bottom) and place a humidity absorber (local HomeDepot or the like) next to it, I'm tellin ya, my spinach lasts a month, sometimes a bit longer. But yup a whole month minimum! Make sure to refresh the towels when they get to wet thou. Hope this helps some1 out there 💜👍🤗

  3. Christi Heathcoat

    I tried this smoothie recipe. I really wanted/needed to like it but I didn't. I didn't like it because I could taste the spinach no matter how much spinach I put in it I could taste the spinach.

  4. And why is everything backwards?

  5. I made a green smoothie just like this one, and I was wracked with horrible gas pains. I'm not sure if it was the banana or the mango. Perhaps my banana wasn't ripe enough, or it could be the fructose content of the mango.

  6. Doesn't this cause dumping syndrome?

  7. A doctor and that stove … doesn’t go together at ALL 😂

  8. Can protein powder be added to this? Im 2 weeks post op and having a hard time meeting my protein goals

  9. Cynthia Sangster

    Thanks I’m about 6 to 8 weeks from surgery I’ll try them now so I can fall in love, I love smoothies anyway. I use almond milk I’m happy that’s ok…

  10. kath biddle-dutton

    Love my green smoothies 👍

  11. Is watermelon rind considered a green???

  12. I’m allergic to soy milk,

  13. Can we do your smoothies aaannnndddd vitamins ? 😁

  14. Ok..well milk is ruined for me! I can't look at it with out hearing you say puss milk lmao 🤢🤮

  15. Thank you

  16. I freeze my ripe bananas (skin them first!) and it makes my smoothies like a milkshake.

  17. Thank you so much all of your videos are so informative.

  18. 4 weeks post opt 45 pounds down I’m gonna give this a try

  19. #replay. Had this for breakfast today very filling and yummy

  20. What can we use to replace pineapple? I love it but suddenly developed an allergy

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