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DIY Easy & Healthy Lunch Recipes On The Go! | Weight Loss 2017



  1. I'm so gonna try these, OMG, they look so yummy ???

  2. The first one looks so good

  3. Jazzie lithitmusiz

    Mhhmm looks yummy and healthy! ?❤️

  4. Ohmygosh I've missed your videos sm

  5. I LOVEEE broccoli, my goal is to get to my healthy body weight as soon as possible to improve my overall health 🙂

  6. when she picked up the cheese that fell and she put it in the container in the beginning

  7. Post more ?❤️

  8. Genuinely love this & can't wait for your next upload. Your voiceovers are so clear and perfect!

  9. I go for a 20 minute run everyday!! I like apples ?

  10. i love to eat alot of fruit "I like Apples"

  11. ???????✨✨???

  12. I keep healthy by running away from homework and I LIKE APPLES

  13. Funny how you have to be a U.S ressident. You should say that aswell to your subscrivers. "you should only be a U.S ressident to subscrive to this channel").

  14. What I recently started doing was going to the gym 5 times a week for 1 1/2 hr. I'm also starting my fitness journey and look forward seeing both of out results in a couple of months….oh and I like apples.

  15. Jennifer Enriquez

    I try to eat healthier and smaller portions. I like apples

  16. I try to eat breakfast since it does play an important part with weigh. I also walk a lot after meals oh and snacking on good healthy snacks is a big must. I like apples ??? thanks for the giveaway

  17. Diarra Washington

    What I do is make smoothie each day and have set workout routine "I like apples "

  18. I want to eat better but I'm not good at it I love apples

  19. eating fresh fruits and veggies and lots of H2O is one thing I do to remain healthy ? I LIKE APPLES ??????????

  20. i like to try to eat clean and healthy . try to walk as much as can and do at home workouts.. i like apples

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