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Chocolate Protein Bar Brownies | Healthy & Easy Dessert Recipe!



  1. what big change girly. my clothes fit big on me. I've lost about 49 pounds

  2. Elizabeth Castrejon

    can u make the chocolate moose? I have made ur pancake alternatives and they r sooo ? yummy

  3. Did she ever make a video for the chocolate mouse?!

  4. Love your hair!

  5. Can you make this without protein powder?

  6. TheCockyHousewife Here

    we don't get apple sauce here.. can someone suggest more such options please

  7. should i pre-heat the oven or its not necessary??

  8. what protein powder do you use? do you have any recommendations?

  9. I made these a couple times now. I switched out the applesauce for half an avocado and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, also used cupcake pan instead. Much better second time around.

  10. I've made theses a few times they are pretty good! Thank you so much for the video :)

  11. i love your viedo.i am going to try it

  12. hi can you make a viedo on how to lost fat your ties

  13. SOOOOO trying those! Thanks for sharing babe!

  14. This look so so good! I cannot wait to make it :)

  15. Awesome! I'm gonna try this with almond butter!

  16. I really want to try these, but i don't want to buy protein powder just for making these and i know i won't be using it any other time. Is it possible to make these without the protein powder?

  17. Made these tonight and they were so awesome!! thank you for the recipe. Love your channel :)

  18. hey girl thanks for the recipe and recent motivation ive needed! quick question though, in the video you say 8 ounces and in description bar you say 4. im assuming the correct one is 8 ounces water correct?

  19. What can I use instead of baby food

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