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Carrot Orange Juice Flat Belly Diet Drink for Quick Weight Loss Recipe using Slow Juicer



  1. how long can this juice be stored?? if I prepare it morning and carry it to college , can I have it in afternoon?? will it last that long?

  2. Hello;

    What the model or name of the juice blender you are using please?

    Respectfully; Andy

  3. Bendrala Shareef 313

    wow supper

  4. gladys evangeline raghupatruni

    can i add ginger to this ?

  5. hey dear I really like ur voice nd the recipes u share…..following u from last one year……thank u….

  6. Hey vicky can i use this drink with 900 calorie meal diet plan with eggs and oat meal.

  7. Magik Butterfly (Cina)

    I used 3 large carrots and 2 oranges, tastes amazing 🙂 I tried both in a mixer and juicer, juicer is way better ?

  8. Can i use sweet lime instead of oranges??

  9. super sour and super sweet, combine togheter, perfect sour sweet smoothie

  10. Dear Vicky, kindly advise the ratio of carrots to oranges. Thank you.

  11. how long would it takes to make my stomach flat?

  12. the music is great too! who is it!

  13. hw many times do I need 2 take per day

  14. Micheal Jackson favourite drink

  15. Pls juice me carrote k sath our kuch le nhi sakte kya?only carrote gale ke niche utarta hi nhi he.ulti jaisa hota hai..pls our kuch le sakte hai kya

  16. how many times in a day should it b consumed and for how many days. can u pls TL how much belly fat can v burn through this process

  17. Shephalika Srivastava

    hey vicky, what juicer do you use.. i want to order the same. kindly mention the name of the company and model.

    thank you. :)

  18. thanks plz give us more information about losing belly

  19. Where did you get that juicer?

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