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Carrot Juice for Weight Loss / Weight Loss Juice Recipe / Benefits of Carrot Juice



  1. which juicer u use?

  2. helo dear actually mere hair bht grey uske liye yeh pina chaiye and can i add little sugar

  3. plx tell me it take with ur diet of egg aple n gren tea that 10 kg in 10 days plz rpy fast becas i start that diet from tomorow

  4. How many calories are in this juice? e.g. one cup of juice.

  5. hi mam I love ur channel. plz send good one diet plan for weight loss.I have seen ur raw plan but send another plz

  6. can i make a full glass of this drink by adding more carrots and gooseberries as yur was only half glass or we're only suppose to drink half glass?? please reply

  7. can i use dried amla???

  8. Hi vicky.Carrot juice first in the morning is good for health and makes your body clean but lemon honey water also good for health and even i take it every morning since 6 months and feel amazing.But i was wondering which juice to take when for all the benifits?

  9. what is the substitute for amla if we dont have it in our country??

  10. can we replay amla with amla powder

  11. please reply Vicky I have to start drinking this juice

  12. Hi
    Vicky when can I drink this juice before breakfast or after breakfast. Please reply

  13. can i replace amla with something else, I am not sure if I can find it here in Canada. Thanks

  14. can this be used by diabetics

  15. Balvinder Dhindsa

    Very healthy juice.Thankyou

  16. where can I find gooseberries? I live in the U.S

  17. can u make a videos for food that v could take to college in tifin

  18. when I drink this juice morning or night before bed.

  19. Rana Muhammad Athar Saqlain

    which green tea you suggest for regular use for weight loss?

  20. hi vicky.. last time i followed ur 6 egg 2 apple and 4 time green tea and i lose 5 kg in 3 days but now i started again and its 3rd day and only 300 gram reduce..what can be the reason ?? is it for winter ??

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