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Blueberry + Avocado Fat Burning Smoothie Recipe!



  1. Will definitely be trying this out!!!

  2. recipe and speed are so much more important than all of the words!!

  3. I love adding a bunch of spinach to my smoothies as well. I would make Popeye proud.

  4. instructions unclear, hands got stuck in blender

  5. Finally found a smoothie maker that did not load their smoothie with so much damn fruit that the sugar count was super high. This smoothie she made only has 15 grams of sugar. Personally, I would have used a half of cup of the blueberries, but with a figure and healthy appearance she has, she will be fine as long as she does not over do it with the rest of her meals throughout the day. A woman trying to lose weight should not be taking in more than 24-30 grams of sugar a day. Good Job Elizabeth. Why some people gave you thumbs down on this one, I have no idea. I guess they are like most people …..sugar monsters and they did not think your smoothie would be sweet enough for them. Thumbs up for sure!!!!

    Oh by the way, you a super sexy!

  6. .Thanks

  7. This smoothie is gross bluerrghh tried it and nearly vomitted

  8. OH MY GOD CEL U LEET…. it's cel u lite

  9. I want to commend you for an excellent job on this video. As a doctor of alternative medicine I am always recommending healthier nutritional options to my patients. This avocado smoothie is by far one of the best ones.
    Once again congratulations on a job well done.

  10. WambleeWea Red Feather

    I have a Ninja bullet blender. do I just use smaller portions

  11. enjoyed yur video and going to use this smoothie in my keto eating plan. by the way, I really love that blender. would yu mind giving me some info on yur blender? although i have one at the moment, im looking for something much better and durable. thsnk yu in advance.

  12. Hey 🙂

  13. Jordan Jordan Show

    Well, you were right I thought I was putting more spinach at first! It finally turned green! Thanks again 🙂

  14. Jordan Jordan Show

    Mine was definitely not green but a dark bluish color 🙁

  15. ~*butterflyangelwhispers*~

    Can you add the recipes to your description boxes? it helps so you can write it down later. after viewing 🙂 thank you.

  16. This is great! I usually add Turmeric, flax seeds, Sacha Inchi seeds/powder, Chia seeds, acai berry, and hemp hearts!!! Yum!!

  17. you are looking hot and your video just amazing

  18. Looks like salad

  19. Your face is very over exposed I think you should close the blinds

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