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banana smoothie recipe | dates & chocolate smoothie | weight loss recipes



  1. Can we add walnuts in dry fruit smoothie?

  2. Abdullatheef i like shin chan

    mAm how chocholate reduce weight low calories chocholate we use some plain coco insead of chocholate

  3. Can u pls tell me what kind of blender is that?

  4. Can we use choco spread instead of cocoa powder?

  5. shut upmemani rakesh

  6. awesome I just love your recepies too much just outstanding ???

  7. I like ur videos.. But this recipe is a fail.. It tastes bad..!!

  8. awesome smoothie! fu…' awesome! but dont belive to loss weight with sugar from fruits. Much more jogging, and healthy eating- thats the way!

  9. Wt is that device's name ?? Cab anyone tell me the brand

  10. Hello! hebbar kitchen for this smoothie.. should I use boiled or raw milk?

  11. Wow super idea.thank u so much .I want to give this to my girl

  12. Is the milk boiled

  13. only in the west there are obese pigs, in india we need the opposite

  14. Kela kb se weight reduce krne lga ji?

  15. Your recipes are always fail that's why you have only this much subscribers see Nisha madhulika 3 million can't you believe I always making your recipes but they are fail. You are a failure ????????????????????????

  16. Can you tell the mixer brand or share its link??

  17. Chimmiri Sandhyarani

    I love ur cooking they r very simple easy n tasty

  18. ii like 2and

  19. Superb and very simple and healthy recipes…
    Thank you…
    R u using magic bullet mixie??

  20. I have tried these before and I can surely say that you can omit honey coz the banana will be sweet and also if you use frozen banana and add vanilla extract,it will become more yummy ?

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