1. Crystal Wengenroth

    These are awesome Jill thank you so much for taking the time to share them us. This busy momma thanks you from the bottom of my heart❤❤❤❤❤ hugs!!!!! ???

  2. Wow you are awesome thank you and great video too

  3. Jill, great video. I think I would flash freeze the chicken strips then put in the bag, I will be trying some of these recipes. The lemons you could zest first before cutting and squeezing, you can use the zest in recipes, on top of your salads and you can flash freeze it and bag up, then you could take the lemon after squeezing and put in your garbage disposal to freshen it up, if you have one.. just a little tip to stretch those lemons..lol Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great weekend!!  P.S. I just thought of something, you could get smaller pans and divide the recipes up and just cut the cooking time in half for more of a size meal for you family size 🙂 just a thought.

  4. I just starting watching your videos & I LOVE them! I really just enjoy these freezer meal videos & the others! Keep up the amazing work!!

  5. Natalié Beauté Official

    Great, I love it! Thank you! So many useful ideas!

  6. Loved this video, thanks for the tips.

  7. Thanks for the awesome video…And your makeup is flawless by the way…

  8. Love the freezer meal ideas you did. I'm going to try some of them this week.

  9. I'm sorry Jill but I must address ladee39 or ladon't00 I guess your mama never taught you that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say nothing!!! Very immature. If you don't like the videos, DON'T WATCH!!!! It's that simple. Jill your true and loyal subscribers will always lift you up and support you. Haters are gonna hate. So sad. Love you Jill ????

  10. These videos are great! Great job!!! Your food chopper- I can't seem to find it – can you help a subby out? I've been looking for it on Amazon

  11. I love watching these kinds of videos
    They help so much especially when you have kids

  12. I enjoy the content of your channel. I'll have to try some of those meals!

  13. Love the idea of freezer meals! You should do videos showing how you prepare these meals once you take them out of the freezer! Keep being amazing ?

  14. I like all the freezer meals you made but my picky hubby and kids wouldn't eat a couple of them like the broccoli one and that's the one I like most maybe I could make some small one's for my self ..keep the recipe's coming… have a blessed day….

  15. Wonderful job! I do this type of thing as well and it helps us so much! You're an awesome mama and a truly inspirational, sweet person!

  16. Loved this video! I need to try doing freezer meals. P.S. you could really tell you're losing weight in this video!!

  17. I love these videos!!! You do such an awesome job and it's so helpful! Can't wait to try these.

  18. Jill, you have a lovely home that you work hard for. Watching your cleaning videos motivates some of us to do just a bit more around our own homes. As moms, we don't cook once and we don't clean once. We do these things all the time and I appreciate all of the meal ideas and household tips. But to make others happy, because that's the only reason why you're here, you could at least try skydiving or wrestling alligators….now that would be fun to watch……just kidding !!!!. P.S. I like your furniture and even went to Pier 1 after seeing your placemats….because I had to have them, too! ~~Marsha

  19. cat lover cat lover

    Latesquad ??? GREAT video ??????? yummy ??

  20. Or take the dog to the park . Do something. Go get your hair done or nails lol please show us something more . I'm unsubbed for right now because I can't take it ANYMORE .

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