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7 Day Smoothie Fast | Tips & Results ♡



  1. Can I pick a few juices or to stick just to one?

  2. Hair is so bomb! Beauty.

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  4. thank you for sharing.

  5. NY accent… eeeww!

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  9. your skin looks amazing

  10. I'm going to start doing this hoping for the best

  11. mamamumbles2015 xx

    I'm doing this now. I'm on day 3? so proud of myself right now because it's hard to discipline yourself not to go through the cupboards when you know food is there. I was 181lbs on day 1 and 15lbs loss would be great. I'm going for 10 days!!!

  12. kale spinach rocket carrots apple banana blue berries flax seeds chia seeds almonds almond milk

  13. Thxs for the vid really helped me!!!! Definitely subscribed!!!

  14. do you freeze your veggies and fruits to make them cold or do you drink hot juice

  15. your not doing it right , for a juice diet you can't just add water to like wat one carrot it's just water you do need a juicer or get the juice out other ways but you can't just get fruit or vegetable an. add loads of water in you we'd the actual justice form the fruit or veg

  16. can you drink tea all coffee

  17. Where did you get your bracelet from? It's beautiful

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  19. So you just ate regular food after this?

  20. was it foamy when you blended it?

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