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6 Day Detox Fast (Before & After Pictures)



  1. Wow. you look incredible

  2. fasting is like a Life hack to losing fat or "water weight" fast

  3. I'm going to start this tomorrow !! I'll let you guys know next Monday 🙂 haha

  4. What a great video!

  5. love the wall painting and her shirts.. ^__<

  6. thank u so much for these encouraging words of wisdom. I start my juice fast tomorrow, and this helped a lot.

  7. I don't have a juicer I have an bullet will that help? I've been trying to figure out what is the best detox drinks to try and yours seem to be the best.

  8. Thanks for this video! I started today & Im like I need food!!! But I will try my best & continue my fast

  9. I wanted to know what Juicer do you own?

  10. I have a very important question about detox please respond when you can thankyou 🙂 congrats by the way

  11. Kay Clifførd 卌 PHAN

    "without any food: OH HELL HAWH

  12. what about when you get off the detox does it all come back??

  13. Clarissa Rodriguez

    How much did this cost you overall?

  14. woah.. I'm juicing now and stumbled here.


  16. I randomly came across your channel and I'm in love! God bless, from London xx

  17. Needed a video like this to keep me inspired…I've done a few in the past.and I'm starting another one today.Thanks ash.And you're a cutie too! -)#crob

  18. I am in love with your brows !

  19. Every time I try a detox my butt gets smaller or shrinks??? Like anyone??

  20. What times did she begin to drink her juices?

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