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5 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies!



  1. She was one step away from turning it into ice cream a-some VDO thanks.)

  2. 100k subscribers without any videos

    I love how shes so positive!😋

  3. I like your energy

  4. You look so young here

  5. Plagues Inhale the

    Shes so beautiful….

  6. I have a question people say that a smoothy contains the same amount of sugar as a coke fore example. Is that true??

  7. Greek yogurt in USA is a complete junk. Better don’t eat it!

  8. How to do a splits and cartwheels

    what if you domn't like pineapples?

  9. Pedro Muarramuassa

    Thank you. You're doing an amazing job. Much love from Brasilia, Brazil

  10. Craftytatlady Savage warrior.


  11. I like raspberry blueberry and strawberry

  12. Sugar shock here…. almost all fruit, and fruit juice increases that.

  13. Wife material for sure.

  14. The multicolored chicks Parra

    I tried the green one and the yellow one and they were delicious

  15. Who has all this fruit?

  16. Does the fruit have seeds in it or do you take seeds out first?

  17. I'm not sure how I feel about having watermelon in my smoothie….wouldn't that taste weird?

  18. Ana Ferris

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