1. really love these ideas?

  2. thankyou so much ?

  3. can somewone tell me if the avocado in the first recept is necesarry?

  4. I have a question i dont like coconut so what can i use instead of the coconut

  5. omg u are the best

  6. Λυδία Κεφαλιδου

    Great Video Girl!

  7. Are you maybe from South Africa? Youe accents sounds like it. Great video by the way ?

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  10. alimuzzaman sajib

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  12. Honesty this is good food to eat but I find it a bit overboard to eat this everyday and spend all your money on blueberries, avocados, almond milk etc.

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  14. Hi, I have a question. Why you add coconut oil? Is it good?

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  16. I’m not exactly fat or something. But i have gained some belly fat?? it’s kinda annoying having slim Arms and Legs but looking kinda pregnant?

  17. Does the avocado take over the taste or smell chocolate?

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