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5 FAT LOSS BREAKFAST RECIPES! (Monday through Friday)



  1. What other syrup

  2. Great tip with the cinnamon and vanilla mixture! Thank you. I'm going to give it a try.

  3. Make a video of how to face temptation when eating healthy.

  4. It may just be my speakers but it sounds like she says fuckwheat instead of what I presume is supposed to be buckwheat

  5. Where are you??????? Come back to us

  6. So helpful! I'm.a new sub. I'm really curious about ideas for cooking with kids (toddlers). I'd like to meal prep for the week and save time/money when it seems that all they want is chicken nuggets or pbj.

  7. Melissa Kronenberger

    Great video thank you!

  8. I have lost 40 pounds in 4 weeks naturally – today I partage with all the people that want to lose 10 in pounds in a week the best simple technique for rapid weight loss that helped me to lose 40 pounds in just 4 weeks ! Check my comment below for details!

  9. stevia omg that is a horrible sweetener !!! , there are natural ones !!!

  10. I Love your work! I watch you every time I'm on Ytube. But Seriously dear, you need help with your videos. They're usually focused on something else. This time it's on the food. Too bad coz your content is really good but the video makes me dizzy. Consider filming with a friend. I always help my boyfriend with his videos and they turn out well :)

  11. These are not your avereage recipes.  They are really great for variety.
    I don't know how you know about these ingredients.

  12. Awesome info!

  13. how can I lose weight from my cheeks???? My cheeks are so chubby and it's frustrating me

  14. Where did u get your hemp protein ?

  15. How do I buy viewers like you obviously did?

  16. What's the silver thing on your shirt?

  17. I will cut out ceral and eat oalments for breakfast.

  18. Lol wen she points at a video for us to make almond milk…there is nothing there 😉 or is it just my phone??? :))

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