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4 Healthy Quinoa Recipes For Weight Loss – Dinner Recipes – Skinny Recipes To Lose Weight Fast



  1. Hey guys, sharing a compilation of quinoa recipes which includes – What is quinoa?, how to cook quinoa plus some healthy quinoa recipes. Hope this will give you an idea how to include quinoa in your diet ❤??

  2. Gud Evening Chechi,I'm following ur receipes for my wait loss. I just want to know that can i mix ur variety of ur receipes in a day , that is for breakfast banana, pineapple smoothie, for lunch quinoa receipes and for dinner ur Aval receipe. Pls suggest.Thank you

  3. Aswini Vinothkumar

    quinoa means siru thaaniyam in Tamil like saamai, thinai, varagu

  4. Hello' " Nisha, Im from Tamil Nadu. Could U Pl tell me In Tamil For Quinoa .Thanking You for Posting Videos

  5. Nisa Dear! You are so helping me with those superb receipes (and with your golden oates also!) I know for a fact that i'll shed my extra kgs in no time by following your meals:) Thank you so much for all you do, stay blessed, much love to all at home xoxox

  6. You said 4 recipes , but I could see only 3 varieties shared…correct me if I am wrong … But thanks for sharing good recipes with quinoa!!

  7. vandhita vaidyanathan

    is this same as Dalia?

  8. Thanks for sharing ?

  9. jyotirmoy banerjee

    Recipe name should be Fried quinoa! As there is no rice! Hehe
    Anyway I always love your recipes. Very much helpful. One question. Moringa leaves can be consumed raw? How's the taste?

  10. jyotirmoy banerjee

    Nice recipe! What is porikadla

  11. Mam wr do u pay quinoa….online ???….because here 1/2 kg is 600 rps in shop here in delhi .. and online quinoa is some what low in price …..is online quinoa best …??

  12. Thank you,akka

  13. How to buy quinoa

  14. Thanks for sharing

  15. I'm going to start having this for breakfast ! ????

  16. Bhagyashree Sarangi

    Mam can u plz give us some online link to buy good brand of quinoa ???

  17. Great Information ! ????
    I love this grain ! ?

  18. what it is called in hindi mam if possible plz reply

  19. This is what I was looking for…. Thank u

  20. Aaahhhh….what a timing Nisa ji, I included quinoa in my diet from today afternoon. So this a much essential video. Super like

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