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4 DETOX WATER Recipes & Benefits



  1. how long can you use the fruit in the jar… just incase I wanted to make a pitcher full

  2. How long do I leave the ingredients before drinking?

  3. Mandii In Wonderland

    I love the jars where did you purchase the jars & straws? I want them !!

  4. OMG I have an orchard and I never did this! Thank you I am drinking strawberry cucumber, cilantro, mint from my garden!

  5. Can I drink everyday itis good for health? ?

  6. did u drink it directly or u let them sit for few hour / overnight??

  7. lol it's okay ???

  8. love your detox recipes

  9. watermelon and strawberry

  10. how many exact times can i refill it?? and can i drink this whule working out

  11. I would think that once the fruit has lost it flavor from repeated uses, you could just remove the peel (lime). Pop it into a blender and instant smoothie! Yum!

  12. I like to freeze my raspberry and lemon water and it's amazing

  13. One thing to add: if you wanna drink this stuff throughout the day, make at least 2 hour breaks in between. Otherwise the fruit sugar will go into solution and your teeth will be under permanent attack from the sugar fermenting bacteria. So you need to give the saliva a chance to remineralize your teeth.

  14. Maryah “pun-pun” Cakes

    does it matter on the amount of fruit or mint leaves you put in the water? just wondering.

  15. Shit in a glass of water

  16. Can you eat the fruits like after 24hours or less of infusing?

  17. oh okay thank you ?

  18. Wow! I'm watching this more than one year later and I apologize for all those popping sound effects LOL I wish I could go in there and edit them out!

  19. how many are you sapose to drink a day to lose weight ?

  20. love this video just made the cucumber strawberry and mint water

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