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3 Quick & Healthy DESSERT Ideas! Cookies, Protein Shake, Almond Butter Cups



  1. Im sadly just beginning to enjoy cooking/baking. The 5 ingredient cookies were super easy and fun for football Sunday! Cant wait to see more videos like this! Thank you!

  2. Healthy Chicken Parmesan! The fried stuff is so good, but SOOO bad for you!

  3. I'd love to see the healthy dinner recipes soon! I'm carbs and starches are my weakness so any help there is much appreciated. (:

  4. Thanks so much Katie! I will definitely try these

  5. gabby loes wieght healthy

  6. That's so interesting about magnesium. I take it daily but I'm gonna up it during that TOM ??

  7. Great video – can't wait to try these recipes! I'd love to see a video on healthy options for potlucks :)

  8. Shannon Bergstreser

    Where do you buy your vital proteins? I have been looking for a good protein powder. My tummy does not agree with milk. Also, is it grainy, you said it mixes well! Thanks Hun! Xoxo

  9. Hey Katie! Thanks for the recipes! What about healthy pasta options? 🙂 Thanks!!!

  10. Um yum! Thank you more more more vids like this plz

  11. Love this recipe, but I don't like cinnamon and I don't know how can I substitute the cinnamon to try make it for myself. By the way I love your channel you are very inspirational ????

  12. get pretty with laura

    Thanks for sharing! These actually look like a healthy sweet treat I'd eat! And I'm missing my mac and cheese….is there a healthy version of that? ???

  13. Look so tasty. Can't wait to try them all.  So I have my special Weekend pancakes that I make for my Husband and I.   They are a lot like your Cookies. In my Bullet I add,  2 bananas,  1/2 cup or more of Rolled Oats,  2 Eggs, and  Cinnamon.  A TBLS of Maple Syrup can be added if you want.   They are amazing and take care of my Pancake Fix!   Love you Katie, Keep them coming!

  14. I want to try the smoothie. Make pasta healthy ?

  15. I can`t believe I just found your channel. Your so cute and inspiring !!

  16. I need help, I tried signing up for your challenges but the mail is not coming back. what happened?

  17. Love love all three! I'm definitely stopping by at the grocery store on my way home to pick up some ingredients 🙂 As for dinner suggestions, how about chicken parm? We all love it but it's hard to eat it all the time, with all that cheese and breaded chicken. it's a toughie so no worries!! Thanks again Katie!

  18. Looks amazing!!!!

  19. Pasta.

  20. Diego and Hollie Ortiz

    Seriously that kitchen those cookies look great. Can't skip the dark chocolate

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