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3 No-Bake Breakfast Recipes for Weight Loss



  1. This is when I wished I love avacado and melon

  2. Kristie Jang (KrisbieSquares)

    when do people ever bake for breakfast..

  3. Reduced-fat yogurt WILL NOT HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT. Yogurt is only healthy if it's…

    A) Full-fat:
    Yogurt contains healthy fats that aid in building muscles, growing hair, digesting food, and doing other great things. You do NOT want to get rid of these good fats in a reduced-fat yogurt!

    B) Plain-flavored, not even vanilla.
    People worry so much about fat and calories, but sugar is the real enemy. It's better to flavor and sweeten plain yogurt yourself, so that you know how much sugar you're ACTUALLY eating. This is not to say that 'sugar-free' yogurt is better: 'Sugar free' often means they replaced sugar with something even worse! Just stick with plain, and flavor and sweeten it yourself.

  4. love your ideas,very versatile and delightful.thanks for sharing.

  5. Who's going to eat half of cantaloupe for breakfast.. You've got to be kidding me

  6. ????❤️?That was Really nice!!!????❤️?

  7. I'm watching this while munching on salty cracker nuts. Thanks.

  8. do you know how bad eggs are for your body and how much they raise your cholesterol? weight loss can be achieved by eating healthy and eggs are as healthy as the devil's buttcrack.

  9. I eat a variation of the first recipe quite often. But I have boiled egg, avocado cubes, tomato cubes, sometimes sweet bell pepper cubes and I put a tiny bit of mayo and salt and pepper in it. Then eat and enjoy! Also the last one: I love smoothies but I prefer to make them with almond milk. =)

  10. Everything looks so beautiful. The problem is I am too lazy to cook these in the morning..

  11. *says it's for weight loss *gives us a fatty recipe

  12. can't lose weight if you get so much fat from all that non-vegan shit! smh

  13. the first one will not make u lose weight the avacado is high in fats which yes is good for you but you need more carbs and less fats and there's nothing healthy about a hens period sure there's protein in it but you putting PERIOD into your body

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