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3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies | Healthy Snack Ideas



  1. cutebutpsychobutcute 4

    Can you tell what camera & lens do you use ? Quality of your videos is amazing .

  2. Why am I watching this. I'm allergic to peanuts…….

  3. Can I use stevia instead of brown sugar?

  4. hey we are baking them right now we added some chocolate I hope you right back to me there looking yummy yum yum yum. Yours are looking yummy to ummm

  5. Coconut sugar is still sugar… Not healthier it's still stored as fat if you eat too much.

  6. bitch had to say egg -_-
    i specificly typed "vegan cookie recipe" into that fucking search bar bro

  7. Looks great, can I replace the egg with something else to make this recipe vegan? Maybe a flax egg or banana or anything? Thanks

  8. i like Peanut Butter Cookies, I make these cookies for another recipe :)

  9. Just made these they are so quick to make

  10. If you are tolerant of gluten , have it! Some cultures rely heavily on gluten and it shows in their ancestry, your body might react so well eating gluten if you or of indian descent for example. And it's way healthier than using an egg.. Try veg egg, it binds like egg minus the animal killing industry.

  11. that's stil (a lot of) sugar. it really doesn't matter to the body what kind of sugar it is, it's treated the same. but still healthyer than mosy coockies

  12. Diego and Hollie Ortiz

    yum look great!

  13. whenever I saw your videos the bowls and portions in general looked big. I also saw that people commented the same thing in other videos. I just realized that your hands are really small and that's probably why that 1 cup of peanut butter looks huge. lol.

  14. go liezl!

  15. So easy and they look so good!

  16. Can I use shredded coconut except of coconut sugar, I din't want any sweetener to my cookie

  17. Hazelle Tallulah Adamson

    any options for vegans?

  18. You can register the information in a recipe?

  19. What's an alternative to coconut sugar?

  20. Love it,thank you!

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