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3 Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes for 2016 / 3 Recetas Hacer en Olla de Cocción Lenta



  1. can this be made in a pressure cooker? Would I have to change anything in the recipe or instructions?

  2. Ignacio Villarroel Jensen

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  3. Measurements ?

  4. made the teriyaki pulled chicken for the first time before work last night…I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!! it was delicious!

  5. Love the stuffed peppers recipe! But what do you recommend as a substitute for cilantro? Hate the stuff!

  6. is there any alternative to using the slow cooker, love the recipe but don't have a slow cooker

  7. Go to 2:03 for start of recipes.

  8. Man I'm so glad I found your channel!

  9. First video of yours I checked out….come on man, 2 minutes of plugs and then you finally get to the recipes? As a first time viewer, that's kinda obnoxious. Can't you save that stuff till after the video?

  10. Video starts at 3:00

  11. Fuck god damn… Shit actually starts at 2:02

  12. Why all slow cooker recipes are by ugly looking dudes..

  13. So I just made the pulled teriyaki chicken and it was absolutely amazing. I forgot to make a slurry with the corn starch which sucked but other than that it was such a win. Thanks for sharing healthy recipes that actually taste great.

  14. Do you think it's okay if I cook the chicken breast on low for 6-8 hours instead?

  15. 42% of this video is advertisement. recipe starts at @2:02

  16. That shirt is the shittzle yo! I like it! hahaha.

  17. I want your t shirt! haha

  18. cant wait to try the apple cinnamon oatmeal

  19. hmm first time I watched one of your videos and these recipes look delicious I can not wait to try em. To bad cant try it out tonight trying out the campbell slow cooker sauce. I'm attempting to make sloppy joe out of it with the roast I bought.

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