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3 EASY AND DELICIOUS Vegan Lunch Ideas for Weight Loss



  1. I would starve if i only had this for lunch. But the ideas are nice, especially the rice paper rolls.

  2. I tried 1 and 2. Really delicious!

  3. Sending your channel some good vibrations ;}

  4. Looks delicious!

  5. these all look so good!! Definitely have to try them out sometime :')

  6. Frizzys pointless uploads

    I loved this and have made myself one have subscribed can u have a look at my channel and make sure u subscribe

  7. Im glad you found my channel , & commented // like your vids ♡ i subbed back so if your not subbed yet please do so . Trying to get 45 subs to do the giveaway !!

  8. Defiantly trying these ?????

  9. Veganism has always intrigued me. The spring rolls look delicious! You can even make rice cakes looking yummy! :-)

  10. OMG Its like 8:30AM and all I want to do is eat lunch now lol! Yummy!!! xxx

  11. Good ideas babe!

  12. wow looks amazing!

  13. Desi,
    This is an awesome video!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    I want to try these all

  14. Karito Anime K-pop

    okay, I'm a new subscribed ^‿^

  15. Odio lo Chef - Cucina Naturale

    Great video! I really appreciate this kind of recipes, easy and delicious as you wrote 🙂 I hope to see more !!!!

  16. Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Susy Languren Di Vegan

    great video sweetie!

  18. All looks so good, wow!

  19. DOOSEbyNathalie NYC

    Very, very simple! I love this! I agree with the other comment, make more cooking vids ^.^

  20. I love spring rolls almost as much as I love cucumber rolls lol

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