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3 Best Weight Loss Energy Boosting Juice Recipes



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    I want to juice them fat ass tits!!!

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  3. it seems u r selling the juicer..

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  7. enjoyed ur video and the 3 recipes. im waiting for my juicer to arrive so I can get started. ur talking was sufficient for what you wanted to get across and since I was interested, I didn't find it boring at all. Thanks.

  8. pusher thingy? lol wtf

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  10. your books ! it's homer's epic poem ?????

  11. don't press oranges with peel cause peel got a lot of gas and also it tastes bad i tried it..

  12. Less talking it tends to get so boring

  13. Do you have to drink the 3 recipes a day ???? Love your video !!!!???

  14. Can i use any substitute in place of celery

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