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2 week weight loss update// meal prep Monday's (THE BEST CROCKPOT CHICKEN)



  1. I’m going to try this. Tfs

  2. I always try to have only 1 cheat day, but most times it's 2 ? can it impact your body in a negative way? Will you gain that pound or 2 that you lost that week lol ? I don't see much reviews on this topic often

  3. I’m trying to meal prep for myself and my husband but he’s kind of a picky eater, do you have any suggestions for a no veggie eating man lol

  4. Thank you for sharing your week and weight loss result. I had a similar week too where it was suppose to be only one cheat day but I went a bit overboard and made it into 2 days. I was able to stop my old habits and got back on track on Sunday. I felt guilty but I need to forget about it and move on with my journey.

  5. Definitely enjoyed seeing the meal prep before your update.

    Not every journey is perfect, so it's okay to take some losses so long as you keep going!

    Something I have implemented for fasting include drinking sparkling water during my fasting period, which helps with curbing any hunger I have. Maybe to start out with fasting only go for two days out of the week and then gradually add more days when you get used to it. Going all in can be hard on the body like what you're feeling now, so going slow and steady can be helpful.

    I too am also an emotional eater, so I threw out all kind of sugars and junk food so I dont have anything to binge. I have made my partner keep me accountable, so he too is cutting sugars from his diet. Also, he helps make sure I'm on top of my goals.
    I do keep almond flour and stevia in my cabinet to make no sugar and low carb brownies, so that definitely helps when craving a sweet tooth without the guilt.

    Hope this helps, and you are doing awesome! Keep up the great work ?

  6. What’s the scale in the thumbnail called?

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