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2 Easy & Healthy Oats Recipe For Working People/Students – Breakfast/Lunch Ideas For Weight Loss



  1. Recently I started watching your videos and I appreciate your efforts and knowledge about healthy food. I tried some of your recipes and they all were delicious and easy. Thanks a lot. You are doing a awesome job

  2. Maam.. why didn't you use milk instead of water?

  3. Awesome mam

  4. I can't eat any sweet so pls give any salty recipe for working women

  5. amazing

  6. Just saw your few videos they are amazing.Your tutorials are so perfect and easy to understand.
    Your way of explaining is very good and with the help of your explanation it's is more easy to understand.
    My question is that is there anyway to have one on one conversation with you somehow?

  7. Use roasted or raw flax seeds?

  8. How do u freeze fresh fruits, any spl instructions

  9. Hi nisa i want to ask can we use quaker oats instead of rolled oats in smoothie and second tell me can we skip granola???

  10. Thanks Mam. your videos are awesome, I am 78 want to reduce to 66 what diet plan should I follow, I stay in a traditional home with cultural food diets.

  11. Sherpooh66Reborn Linsley

    Hi, Thank You!???✌❤

  12. hi Nisha, please mention calories for both the smoothies.
    and both smoothies look yummy?

  13. n i get acidity when i eat oats..so what should i do? i love oats n i want to try your other recipes

  14. what is better to lose weight..dalia or rava?

  15. Homestyle Recipes


  16. Ma'am, is flax seeds fine for cardiac patients. Please advise. Thanks

  17. mam,I have pcos problem…an suffering from acne issues all over my face…so I avoided milk,sugar,processed food,junk foods…and am doing yoga daily for one hour.. my weight is normal only but I have belly fat…I still I got acne all over my face??i lose my weight now…but acne is the main issue for me…pls pls suggest something for me….I tried many face pack also…still I get pimples problem…

  18. hi Nisa..can u please teach me how to make diet upma

  19. Priyanka Chowdhary

    Hello mam. Could you please make a video on how to dry fruits in sun or oven and freeze fruits

  20. good and healthy recipes

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