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10 lbs in 1 week Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe AKA Wonder Soup



  1. you take in bowl morning ya just take in diner lunch

  2. Love it! Thank you sweet heart!

  3. how do u do chicken broth?

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  7. Looks delicious! So in order to lose weight you have to eat thus soup for breakfast lunch and dinner?

  8. hey you eat only this or you still eat other foods for a day?

  9. Thank you thank you thank you . Simple and easy recipe . I'm going to make this but I'll add some meat to it . Oh and I love your voice by the way haha??

  10. Where can I find the ingredient amounts!?!?

  11. Thank you sweetie gonna do this love your voice???

  12. Trying this right now

  13. hi. can I add turkey in mind or should I stay completely away from meat

  14. A Serious Salamander

    I'm intrigued. It's simple and healthy, yet looks absolutely delicious!

  15. Great recipe, Great video now I'm running off to the kitchen get busy on this soup!!Thank You

  16. Did you follow this to the T? Like I don't know if I could do the bananas and milk. Lol. The soup however is delicious.

  17. I'm currently doing this, today is my second day. I lost 1LB for one day.

  18. I'm surprise that it's cheap, heathy, and simple. I'm going to make some right now.

  19. There's more to this diet than just soup! On certain days you can add bananas baked potato and even a steak. Google the diet plan. ;-)

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