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10 Food Hacks For WEIGHT LOSS – VEGAN | NinaAndRanda



  1. uh, oil is healthy, fat is healthy. beans, avocado, coconut and all your condiments have some oil/fat in them, stop being borderline pretentious.

  2. you guys are gorgeous and way cute. good info.

  3. You dont look simalar anymore

  4. Eden- Brooklyn Cp Productions

    what about rosemary?

  5. I really don't think I can give up soda

  6. A colleague at work made the decision to follow my advice and give this diet plan “lyly amazing guide” (Google it) a try. I can hardly believe my eyes when she lost 15 lbs so quickly I could almost watch the lbs melt away as she worked.

  7. Shedding that last 16 lbs of fat looked like extremely hard challenge until I actually attempted the “fizy unique plan” (Google it). It was so simple to reduce that unwanted fat once I got started!

  8. I quite like the taste coconut oil adds to my stir frys and isnt it good at speeding metabolism up? x

  9. Nilanjana Chakraborty

    r u guys sisters?

  10. And hères trying to gain weight

  11. I'm still going to eat cheese tho ?

  12. I'm sitting here watching this eating a weight loss video but I'm eating a KING SIZE Hersey………….

  13. Banana milk? You girls are freakin' genius!

  14. Are u lesbians

  15. Salt dries your heart up,

  16. they named everything i do and eat ????

  17. please slow the Highlighter Game down a bit, it looks sweaty

  18. Hey, Should you lose weight during puberty? I'm 14 and would like to lose 5 kilos (for aesthetic reasons, I'm not overweight) but I'm wondering if it's healthy at such a young age because your body is still growing.. any advice?

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