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? 5 MIN BELLY FAT DESTROYER! – Belly Fat Burning Weight Loss Detox Water Recipe ?



  1. my mom been knowing this and she did it for my dad during the summer he lost 14 pounds every single week but he's also a construction worker

  2. Crosscutfurn621 ProDefender

    as a new cancer survivor, thabk you for the videos on health & weight loss!

  3. when do u drink it

  4. Thanks for that nice Video :)

  5. Is it must be cold water ?

  6. What if I can't find a grape fruit what could I use as an optional?


  8. hey, I'm 5'4 feet and 123 pounds… am I overweight?? I always compare myself with models ( which I know is a bad idea ) and I always look so fat compared with them. it really makes me feel bad about myself… also all the other girls at school are so skinny compared to me…. so am I too heavy?

  9. Hi.. Excellent Video! Thank you friend ..Fantastic!!!

  10. Just after Googling weight loss programs and studying the results, the “loli special plan” (Google it) is by far the best resource available. You may lose 11 pounds in a week easily.

  11. Christopher Kutcher

    Quite happy with this Weight loss green store tea. I took them for 6 weeks and along with a controlled diet and a little exercise I saw some pretty good results. A special thanks goes to the customer service which managed to deliver me with plenty of information about this product.

  12. Alfonso Reynaga Padrön

    MissElenaHouse ; ) I like to combine diet with exercise

  13. I'm not trying to hate, but… Every diet idea I've seen on your channel is (how to starve yourself). You should promote exercise and healthy eating. People that are overweight that try the (starve yourself) only end up eating more. The body is not getting everything it needs with your miracle drinks.

  14. Mockingbird Copycat

    I had a nutritionist friend from Russia who moved to San Diego (that's when we met in SD, he was my neighbor) to share his knowledge how to cure people naturally, (the big wigs didn't like him, it was very hard for him to spread his message in America) something in your future possibly, anyway, the purest straight up waters in the world, purified ect… can cure many illnesses, when curing something, flush it out, water, sweating, detox, IV's. Where water flows food grows. Where the best water flows, cures grow:) Keep it going! With Love, Johnny:)

  15. You are a smart girl, but I will tell you. I know someone that has been in fitness; They where a fitness trainer for several years. They told me that you can't burn any kind of fat. What actually happens is this. You can burn the calories that cause the fat, the fat cells then shrink, so it is not getting rid of the fat forever. You do get rid of the calories and shrink the fat cells, but again you can not burn fat! And the way to loose the weight is to eat less calories in a day, and get into an exercise that consumes most of the calories that you gained during your daily eating habits. So, cut 250 calories from your daily food consumption, then burn that 250 calories with exercise and that is about 500 calories less from your diet. If you do this for one full week including Saturday, by doing some cardio on those days and you will loose 1 pound per week. I am not a personal trainer or anything, or a doctor, but this is what I heard from an exercise professional that owned a fitness center, then you will loose the weight safely without harming yourself in any way. But again as far as burning fat, you can not do this, this is not possible.

  16. Can't wait 2make mine..Thanks

  17. Cool Elena :-)

  18. I like the recipe, but would muddle of use my juicer. Will try.

  19. Nice…Thank u so much….??

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