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♡ Healthy Breakfast Ideas + Recipes for Weight Loss 2015 | Sue Rose ♡



  1. you're gorgeous but you should try to fill in your eyebrows bc you look like that queen from alice in wonderland

  2. Holy shit, you got a broom in your pants? Cause I'm gonna sweep you off your feet gurlllllll

  3. Weight loss (Idea)


  4. just an advice when u wait for the granola in the microwave, don't stand in front it's bad for ur eyes

  5. friendly reminder that she went anorexic shortly after 'being fit' with barely no food intake in order to stay 'fit'

  6. Are you german?

  7. Kendini gösterme çabanı sikeyim

  8. Chocola Wolfstaler2002

    that is the first video I'm seeing on your channel and it's really good 🙂
    But why is it in german? 😀 (oil, honey, etc.)

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  10. u can't dance u need to stop it u doing to much trying to show out???

  11. the secon to last one is really good thx

  12. Song?

  13. anyone know the singer who sang the intro

  14. i really love her black dress
    shes popping

  15. How did u get rid of your acne? Your skin look good

  16. omg ??? so cute

  17. That glow up tho

  18. yeah I lost a bunch of weight too but I'm bit that annoying and self involved that I can tell you…I just want to slap her for wearing that tiara

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