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Печенье для похудения / Рецепт. Cookies for weight loss / Recipe



  1. Hello I don't understand what you said can l speak English Thanks

  2. Привет, я люблю свое видео!

  3. Анна Коваленко

    Выглядит вкусно ! Тая молодец, все сама рассказывает и делает 🙂

  4. hello asya..I like your eyes :*

  5. Excellent vid girls I must try this some day. atb from a wet and still shaky NZ

  6. Hello 1arsenchka1, that looks good to eat. What will you guys make next? : )

  7. me gusta como taya se presenta…. "Taaaaya"

  8. Well done! You little angels work so nicely together. I usually try to prepare your recipes at home, but this time I'm going to leave that to you. If I eat a cookie, my will power quits and soon they are gone. I love you all!

  9. twitter? periscope?

  10. Now I must have some cookies! ?

  11. "Stir in your bowl!" = "Take care of your own cra*!" HA!HA!HA! I love her self-confidence! A good recipe. I added this Video to my bookmarks. Perhaps we'll try it.

  12. Вони добре виглядати, мені доведеться спробувати їх, спасибі. І вони були красиво представлені, добре зроблено.

  13. Looks great, I will make some so I can enjoy a healthier cookie. Thanks again for sharing.

  14. It all looked good except the beets, I don't like the taste of beets. Something else maybe substitute for beets?

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